Question Answering with Sub Graph Embeddings Analytics and Future Discussions

Abstract-Question Answering system has influenced the sphere technology in the past recent days , learning particular question dialects.

In this paper we display a Natural Language Interface that permits to enquiry the Fundamental KB’s  with Regular dialect questions by Using a surfaced Recommendation system. Parsing the FOL(First Order Logic ) and  using Language structure from Interlinked Data sets,Distinctive Interpreters of a question using  executable enquiries from NL , SQL ,SPARQL.

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Event Characterizationfor Recognizingsignificant Information of Earthquake Characteristics from Twitter Data

Abstract -The natural disasters (example: Queensland Flood in 2010‐2011 and Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis in Japan 2011, Typhoon Haiyan in 2013) a huge number of notices showed up on different social media. This proposes individuals’ dependence on online networking on occasion of disaster has expanded colossally at that time. Notwithstanding, the best worry to emergency services with regards to reaping data from clients of online networking is the nature of the got information. Methods/Analysis:At present it is exceedingly hazardous to separate between data that has a high level of disaster significance and that data which has a low level of disaster pertinence. What’s more, this is not just an impairment, it represents a critical test that if determined can mean the distinction between life‐saving choices and life‐wasting choices. This task investigations natural disaster related discussion in Twitter that happens amid the dynamic conditions of an unfurling disaster. Findings: The primary commitment is in the production of another coding classification that emergency services and analysts in emergency correspondences can utilize when breaking down substance identifying with natural disasters.


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