Sarahahapp or – which one encourages more abuse?

It has been proved that people get to reveal their true color once they have an option to hide their identity. Threats and abuses are flooding over the social media. People all over the world are getting excited about some unwanted messages showered anonymously.Sarahahapp, etc. are the famous apps that you must have heard about if you have been in the social media.

Whether it’s for secret crush or for horrible bosses people are always in search of some ways to speak out without harming their status in real. That’s why anonymity- anonymous messages are pretty trendy way to vent on someone. But does anonymity really helpful to only make honest confessions or is it a platform to abuse people and take advantage of the freedom of sending anonymous comments? The creators though made it for honest confessions or “creative criticism” the anonymity is being misused horribly for cyber bullying.  The popularity of the reveal the true faces of many people.  It led researchers to hack but before the hacking get successful the app had been taken down by the creators because of a lot of protest.  Like, the sarahah anonymous app will probably vanish in few days when people find a new exciting toy as a viral sensation.

Anonymity is quite popular

Sarahahapp is an Estonia-based app while Sarahahapp has been originated in Saudi Arabia.  These days the anonymous messaging apps are the most popular yet aggressive of all. The founders of these apps haven’t expected so much popularity in such small time span but with the flood of anonymous texts spreading like wildfire, it is clear that the success of the apps is unexpectedly high.  Users can download the apps from play store and link their sarahah accounts with their snapchat, instagram and facebook profiles. Such way it allows people to share the anonymous messages publicly. While some people are enjoying adorable comments from their secret lovers and crushes in the other hand kids and adults are getting abusive messages and threatened over such app. Now it has got necessary for many to let Sarahah exposed those hidden masks.

Slight chance of hacking

While it is promised that there is no way to know the identity of the senders, in the app there is clearly being stated that it can be hacked by impersonated accounts or apps.  It can steal some personal data that belong to your email address. There is possibility that if any third party app  gets successful in hacking Sarahah, then they can easily hack into every likely part of the user’s smartphone like messages, Facebook, WhatsApp and Storage.

Is there any difference between and Sarahahapp?


Well, people those who have used both of them, know this the best.  Sarahahapp is mainly the base of Sayat with a more professional crowning done right.  The original intention of both the apps may have been to receive constructive feedback, but it can be seen that many users don’t have great intentions.  Both of the apps have more or less similar features and created out of same concepts though experts have stated that Sarahah’s incorporation with Snapchat and Instagram is mainly concerning. It has made accessing the application much easier for all the users.

Using accounts like Sarahah, is leading to dangerous consequences like online bullying, teen suicide etc. Experts are advising not to create such accounts and even if you do, you should be open and honest about it and not use it in a hurtful manner.

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