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Came across this Interesting Q & A , thought of Sharing some insights on running an effective ad campaign


The idea of the campaign has started to Create a Buzz for a particular service or a product you are offer .

I personally love campaigns done by Uber which essentially create a great Great buzz in Minimal time targeting the right people in the best way possible.

So let’s take an example of an On- Demand Campaign which Uber (company) Did over the past and analyse how they targeted the right users, strategies followed to generate high Buzz.

Before Starting a campaign you need to work on the following metrics to understand if the camping is product fit for your ideal Audience if not what is the right campaign for your audience

campaign idea – Super Cars on Demand

This campaign describes targeting Users with an age Demographics of 18–30 which is an ideal audience to generate Buzz.

Market fit – you Need to understand the audience like s and Interests and build more Attention from the user, So that the campaign goes viral through them by targeting them through a Facebook event, Facebook ads .

Generating buzz- I would also consider Instagram as a Substitute medium apart from Facebook which had a good chance of Generating buzz.

Medium – Influencer Marketing
Stories ( Behind the Scenes)
Counting days
targeting users who commented on Facebook / Instagram
Create a #hashtag
Pro _-buzz

Once you see good interaction in Instagram and Facebook, release a blog post or video, Live video how users can participate in the contest and get benefited.

Which slays a chance to generate buzz through word – of mouth

Shoot outs – just before a week Release a video / Stories in Instagram and Facebook in event page , Stories, targeted ads, users participated in previous campaigns, Influencer Marketing etc

Final Action – CTA –

Now release a video / Blog post How this work s, and create hope that only a few lucky winner would get a change to win the contest and participate and Set a targeted list of users who have engaged with the campaign and Re -target them Adwords

Post Campaign buzz- once you have successfully run the campaign Release an Official media Blog post, Video

Try not to lose the contact and engagement even after the campaign which will use to make the next campaigns successful.

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