Be a Story Teller !

There are quite a few stories from our childhood or schooling which we still Remember Why?

The way how the storyteller presented the story to you is just as amazing as, you see the characters, artists moving in front of your eyes!

Let’s start with a quick quiz!

Do you remember the Arrhenius equation or the chemical formula for naphthalene?

Do you remember the story of green eggs and ham?

Do you remember the scientific name of caterpillar?

Yes, years ago we read the story of green eggs and ham as kids in pre — school .we don’t even remember stuff we studied only a couple of years ago, that’s because we just remembered stuff which is essential for us to pass exams.

Every great love starts with a great story -Nicholas Sparks

Fortunate or not, this is exactly how our brain functions. We remember what we love or hate the most reason why the last breakup still brings tears to your eyes. The reason why mum always excelled at scaring you into eating that entire plate of rice as a kid!

Thus, I think we will all agree that stories are the best way of ingraining something into a human brain. Frankly, I am no storyteller

The myst is: how do we use storytelling to sell our business better?

Sounds weird ? Well, to be honest, it has been used by Innovators and Business tycoons like Steve Jobs, Mark zuckerberg,Angela Ahrendts,sherlyl sandberg and many other industry pioneers across the globe for years now! Now, of course, you cannot expect to crack a deal by narrating the story of the next Airbnb to a room full of Venture capitalists and Investors only because you are a good storyteller!

When you are selling your idea to some of the smartest people in the world of business, things get a little tricky!

Steve Jobs understood the “Stuff of drama”, and its one of the key reasons why his product launches were stuff of legend .

Let’s look at it this way: you have to sell a Pen. You know its attributes and can sell it through rational advertising. But then, there are 10,000’s of other pens at 1000 other bookstores in the same city including online retailers, thanks to Amazon and Flipkart. Why will a customer buy your pen and not anyone else’s? This is where you make up a story. How you make the story is up to you though!

It’s simple actually. As simple as a kid choosing a Tom & Jerry or a mickey mouse cover notebook over a brown boring cover notebook to a Startup founder choosing a Macbook

I will use the classic example of Dove here. When Dove came to India, it advertised itself as a moisturising soap. And it worked, for some time. But then people got bored of that story. So, a new story had to be told. That is when Dove launched its Real Beauty Campaign. Dove told millions of women what women wanted to hear — they are the real Botox-free, make up free, imperfectly beautiful women.

And women bought that story. The Dove Real Beauty campaign is the most successful stories till this moment.

I will repeat myself here, this is the power of storytelling. And now you know why!

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