How can I stop being an average Indian ?

It is 6:30 AM. Your mobile alarm goes off. You snooze it off casually while still on the bed like an averageindian, It goes off after 15 minutes. You silence it again and continue to sleep. This repeats for an infinite number of times. You wake up lazily from the bed. The wall clocks show  8:30  AM. You brush your teeth and complete your Creepy morning while busy checking your outlook calendar for the day on phone. In spite you skipped half breakfast in an attempt to reach office on time, you cross a dozen traffic lights. You reach the office late as daily routine where the bio- Metric reminds you of your most Awesome habit,  You storm into your workplace hiding your bag and act as if you’re already busy. It is first 15 minutes into the work, you realise you’re set for the day and have some free time. You open the browser and log in to Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, snap chat, WhatsApp ..etc You scroll down a few things and suddenly, it is lunch time. You quickly finish off your lunch as you remember that you have a client to meet and a  presentation review with your manager. You deduce that there is time, only for one of it. You call up the client and inform him that you’re busy with that work which you know that you’ll be starting only 3 days later. You meet your manager for the review. He arrives late. As you don’t want to waste any time, you network with old pals on fluffy chats,  You wait for the clock to strike 7:00 and dash for your vehicle after grabbing the free snack. Reach home. Doze off immediately. Wake up. Have dinner. Try sleeping but in vain. Get up. Watch Netflix Narcos or something new that has come up this week, or Netflix has succeeded in pushing their content to you to watch so that you will drain your internet bandwidth before 25 th of the month Have that 2 AM snack. Hit the bed at 3 AM and doze off.That sums up the life of 7 out of 10 people. The average goes Are the other 3 people having the better life? Are they CEOs or business heads? Do they work more than the others?The other 3 people are just like us. Just that they do somethings different. And by that, they don’t become above average. They become Genius.Average is that small temptation stopping you from doing what you should do. Genius is that little badass inside you stopping you from becoming average.So how to stop being Average Indian.

Invoke the Hustler in you. Be Hustler. Be a genius.

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