Why Starbucks always gets your name wrong?

Has it happened with you too? Because it has to a million of people across the world. Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world and they are the one doing it! So, if it happens to you then it’s definitely not a new thing.  Not just that, your misspelt names get posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. All these pictures get uploaded and obviously, get viral because it’s related to ‘Starbucks’. And what do all these pictures have in common? Two things, a misspelt name, and that familiar green Siren staring at you with her all-knowing gaze. That’s right sheeple, you’ve been giving Starbucks free advertising for years.”  If you are planning to go to Starbucks, get some coffees and talk about the Football match, or La Liga and players or debate over, who is better? Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, make sure that your name has been spelt right on your cup.


You can think all you want, but ever thought that those misspelt names are written purposely or it is just a mistake? The mistake that happens a million times! Well, that is what we’ve seen, it has not happened with a few Starbucks customers but there are millions of cases like these. No doubt that Starbucks is loved by all, but people too would want that their name is spelt right on their cup. But, still the mystery continues, whether they have done it intentionally, for their sake, it is not really known by all. Woah! Did you ever wonder that it has given them a lot of marketing and promotions, free of cost, all they needed to do was misspell your name? Since its winter and there’s snowfall at some places, coffee just seems to be the right option! And a lot of people prefer Starbucks over others because of many things and if given a chance to praise Starbucks, they will do it easily. But, one thing they can’t forget is their wrong name on their favourite cup of coffee.

Well, we cannot blame them entirely and start judging them, it may be possible that is a genuine mistake that is being done since a long time and Starbucks doesn’t find it vital enough to look upon and tell their baristas to spell the names right! You’ll find many pages showing Starbucks’ love for misspelt names.  It is somewhat funny, right? By the way, Starbucks has done it greatly, free publicity and all, and they have become famous a lot! Starbucks, might have or might not have done it willfully, that is still a question, but people are giving them free publicity, by posting the photos of their cups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, and all that is visible is that green Siren! Now, people should understand, really, it is high time now! It is not like they are the contestants of a TV reality show Bigg Boss that they don’t know what’s happening outside the house! They should now definitely understand this.

All in all, it’s up to the people now, they will have to gauge, whether it’s okay! for them or they don’t like it at all, whether they want to do it knowingly now, what they used to do unknowingly, for their ‘Starbucks’  love!

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