What You Don’t Know About Anonymous India !

Sounds weird but this is what we are getting to hear these days, people’s social media accounts get hacked and this time it was Rahul Gandhi’s turn. Yes! Vice president of INC and Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account got hacked and it was followed by a series of some derogatory tweets. Technology has grown so much now, hasn’t it and it has helped us a lot, but isn’t it being used for some wrong purposes too? Well, it is definitely not legit, but this happens! And guess what? We are unable to find those! We don’t know them except for the fact that they call themselves ‘Legion’. Obviously, they are an anonymous group of hackers targeting particular individuals, and famous personalities. In a recent interview with Factordaily.com, they said, “Next is a dump of sansad.nic.in emails. Which is – quite big, which includes a lot of BIG FISH. Legion members claimed that anything online could be broken when they were asked if the BJP and Narendra Modi’s accounts had bulletproof security online. “This is the internet. Anything can be made can be broken. Nothing is secure,” If we go on to scrutinize this statement and audacity to claim such big modus operandi, it indeed is an alert to all important data systems. The Economic offenses Wing on investigating into these latest offenses bring out that there is no clue of IP addresses and it falls out of jurisdiction of Indian Laws .


It was not so long back when Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account was hacked and people were speculating a lot, well actually the politicians, and then came the news that NDTV’s Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt’s twitter accounts got hacked and not just that, Vijay Mallaya’s account got hacked too! Not bank account, but twitter!  Evidently, when anything like this happens, how can the twitteratis forget to react?  After all, it’s a matter of concern for everybody!  The question  that thereby lingers into the minds of people is that- If the social media handles of such powerful and big names is unsecured , how can government assure safety to that of common person’.  Well, on one hand, such an easy and vulnerable access to accounts must have created a loop in the minds of security analysts as well as the Social Media makers. When the government after making Rs500 and Rs1000 currency null and invalid requested the nation to go cashless and rely on plastic credit. It perhaps is a good measure but not an apprehended and prevented one. God forbids if your confidential sensitive personal information is breached by any of such means that go untraceable, altogether the black and white money would all go.

People, though it seems like “this cyber-attack” had no political influence but it did add fuel to a debate relating to our online safety, especially when we are making an attempt for a cashless society. Today, when Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has become UNICEF‘s Global Goodwill Ambassador and making us all proud, there are some things too that make us worry a lot and it’s not just corruption, pollution or terrorism but these kinds of cyber attacks too. Information Technology act,2000 being stringent on the aspect of laws when it comes to hacking but on the other hand the biggest flaw that has been pointed out time and again is the matter of jurisdiction in Cyberspace. The Cyclone Vardha, on one hand, shook many lives and property and simultaneously this Hack-clone that is going on to target big email dumps at ease. This major event has definitely shot the banking system right in the middle of heads and India hopefully wishes for a safe, non-repudiated security practice.  Nowadays, our safety concern is not just limited to physicality, but a virtual danger that  is  hacking incidents like these which are no less than an attack on or privacy, our rights but our safety too.

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