Here’s What People Are Saying About Dating Vs Startups

Dating vs Startups these two words have Pretty Much in common ,Both are two Big challenges you need To step up , well  Who doesn’t like girls  and there  are lots of girls around your workplace or around you , But there is one such girl about whom you were always wondering about  and then there is fear of commitment because maybe someone better  than you might show up,or maybe she isn’t right for you maybe this ain’t the one. Till you find the one that makes you not look for the next one.

Same with startup ideas.

Its was some routine day for us at our Studio of crazyness. As with most over-energetic people around me Dabbling around with  startup ideas and future plans for crazyheads  , our biggest issue is that we have too many ideas and a bit of an make  for everything we’re trying to focus on . This means that every few days we get excited about a different new idea  and then spend a few days doing some deep research(deep learning) on the idea impacting on market research ,idea evaluation, approach to users and then Finally we almost ended up   o falling in love with another idea in a completely different space even which we end up at some point or a few days later

At this point, we have made a deliberate choice to our make, let the mind drift, and come up with interesting areas to dig focusing more on technology and future profession to the world of data and data play  . So on one hand, we have made an Awesome  choice to let things slide for some time  and take a step back to come interesting research on some fabulous things. On the other side , we  wary we prudent on doing this for some Months or years , This almost happened with many of our Nephew and brotherhood startups around Our pace

In few weeks with all this Exhaustless idea proportions and evaluations,   we  have  come up with a  Conscious Product  on ERP’s with a social and technology paced Learning enabling better and better education giving an approachable space for Schools and higher education system  . But right now, it’s best to keep the urge to jump into something to stay along with a lot of dabbling unconscious ideas , where we stand up for a biased discussion to spend time talking to smart people and learning. And it’s best to go from web and Brand development  to deep learning to Analytics  to bots to intelligent rational machines  to wherever the mind wants to go Moreover at the moment we are Much focused on enabling bot’s and artificial intelligence to web applications , making space for self-learning sales software which is giving More desirable results than a human sales team .

Because there will be a time to commit. But you better look around a bit and find the right one.

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