Why Not trump ! A Unified theory on U.S presidency

Trump Vs  Hillary , these two names  Justifies U.S Presidential  elections 2016  , has been the most Awaited elections for United states and Around the World , Inspite of the  cold war happening between Hilary and Trump .This  Big old Boy managed to wangle around with his Booty with so Called a New storm called Trumpism , But Hillary always stayed on her Cool Battle map , Bringing More Focus into Economic Empowerment , National security policies , Violence prevention, K-12 Education ,Technology and Innovation supporting Diversity and prosperity , As hilary been a Prime lady  who Closely operated under the President Forming a key role as an Internal and external Decision makers towards United states owing people’s acclaim and Recognition . In the wide eye roll ‘s of People trump has been keen enough to shred out his own controversies and Faults which he is making over the decade  self proving him to be unsuitable candidate for the Presidency of the most powerful country in the Planet , who had  Enough frail  over  the past decade as a destructor in Business,  detachment for taxes, racism towards immigrants  and a serf towards women  hypocrisy.

Here are Few awesome things making him Trump Not for   Presidency 

Allegations – The big thing why we started hearing trumps name over  ” Allegations “

Recently in a television interview Jessica Leeds , A Famous Business Personality recalled her encounter with Trump in 1970’s , Followed by this Allegation many others widened their Mouth like Kristen Anderson . Exhibiting  witnesses for Sexual assault and Harassment for women, Which made him lose his Dominance  .

Sociopathy and  Extortion- Trump has recently claimed that he has 100 % fool proof method for Defeating ISIS , But he won’t tell anyone until he is elected as President. we know that he Doesn’t have any such plan but some people will believe him and just consider what he says,   ‘My becoming president is more Important than  safety of our and other nations ‘ Trump has spoken to america ad said  I would withhold safety from you if i thought it might work to my Advantage – Sociopathy 

Russian Trump- vladimir putin  who himself compares to Trump in a stereophonic way is an unrestrained Blowhard ,  trump and Putin proximity could Escalate dangerous situations between  Russia and America .

You get tax cut  -This is the most orpah  esque tax proposal since 1980 ” You get tax cut ” “You get tax cut  ” You get tax cut”,he would cut the present income rates from 7 rates to 3 and cut rates on most tax payers in this process, Where the rate would Fall from 40 % to 33 % which allows Millions of Americans not to pay taxes ! These changes would benefit top 2 % of Richies , Among which one of the Fortunates would be Trump himself being a real estate Billionaire.

For Attention -He deliberately walks into the crowd at sporting events , Just to wade in the buzz. He is the only real estate developer to do the talk Show .My guess is he is Driven by Inner conflicts , where he wants himself showcasing as Henry Ford .


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  • Bubby
    October 23, 2016 at 9:47 pm 

    Very true! Makes a change to see soomnee spell it out like that. 🙂

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