Why is it difficult to hire a developer for your Start-Up?

After Starting your Next Big Venture , Which can Change  phase of the world  introducing Something Kickass ! The First Biggest Challenge You face is Hiring Smart and Amazing People For your Initial Non – profitable Startup.

“For Tech Startups its  the tech Team that make it or break it “- you Need people who are Experienced enough to solve the hardship problems Independently.

Some key problems You will find in your startup hiring process!

Convincing Good talent –You don’t have a market presence, you don’t have a presence. People don’t know about you, so how are people going to have faith in you or your product?This is possibly the single biggest challenge you will face when trying to recruit talented people. Developers are in high demand at the moment, what with tech businesses and startups mushrooming up all over the place. Their skills are required everywhere.

Yeah, you want to work with competent people who get things right in the first few tries. You want someone who knows their shit, but so does everybody else! Interesting talented developers in your idea and convincing them that your idea is worth their time is a huge challenge to overcome.

  “Remember, your startup is only as good as your core team.”

Attitude problem-Most candidates  we have ever rejected have been on the preliminary phone calls, and that’s because we were so put off by their attitude that I couldn’t imagine working with them for the rest of the foreseeable future. This includes people who are overconfident or too full of themselves to admit when they are wrong. Personally, I also don’t like working with people who have a highly opinionated and static worldview

Inability to compete with Big – ass Companies – In the initial stages of adoption you need people who are quick and passionate to Tech !even if you find the right tech Person  he/she expects some Big ass salary scale which companies like Google and  Uber tend to Giving.

No – recruitment Expertise- Tech start -ups  would have a well Established a Recruiting system , Moreover it’s the Business owner Who finds and Interviews the candidate .

Defending Needs VS wants- Start-ups can sometimes get locked into the idea that they need the golden Bow  of the industry, with every minute skill set and experience with everything that they list on a job order. In reality, it is necessary to have a certain level of realism in seeking out talent. If you define the non-negotiable skills and experience and focus on those when seeking out new talent, you can find a larger pool of people. Accepting that can be a challenge, but overcoming that roadblock can have a huge impact on hiring efforts.

Finding T- Shaped candidates –Coined by David Guest years ago it accounts for those that have a wide breadth of skills and knowledge coupled with a depth of expertise in their specialize.Among startups, the lines around roles blur with developers adding their two-pence to copywriters and a culture of inclusion and collaboration over most tasks.In order to collaborate you need to have some insight into other people in the company’s roles, so the best candidates have a holistic understanding.

Trust ! Trust and Trust-A startup really want reliable people, people who will stick with it for a long long time. Call it what you will: trust, faith; it’s what makes things work.


“A startup’s biggest hiring challenge is timing. Startups have excitement, they have the challenge, and they self-select for people who want those things. Timing is hard – for example – if you haven’t found product / market fit, you can have the best marketing team in the world, but they won’t be able to help when you retool and make changes. But if you launch without a clear plan to get attention, you’ll be missing an opportunity to make a splash. Same goes for any other position. You need to hire just before you need the person, not before, not after.”

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