whatsapp really securing your Chats with end – end Encryption?

From the Recent update  i see Whatsapp updated its Security , so That Every chat and Voice Message will be sent and Received through the Company’s Secure Server.

In other ways, This can Go in the false phase, By not compiling with any court Orders to provide any Byte of Information when Required at any time

So does the end-to-end encryption really work?

I tried verifying some chats that had the message saying encryption was enabled. In some cases, the verification failed for us. In the first case, we tried to verify a chat between an Android and iPhone 6s device (running iOS 9.3.1), and the QR codes didn’t match. I also tried matching QR codes on two Android phones, and once again we got the red alert indicating no end-to-end encryption. Both Android phones are on the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store. However, a verification between a chat on two iOS devices, (iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s) worked for me and showed the green tick. We’re not sure why the verification failed, even though the chat says it is end-to-end encrypted. We might have to wait for another app update that could fix this issue.

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