Revealing secrets of ” How to Sell yourself to an Interviewer “!

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A Glowing  2 page resume is  good enough to land you in a interview but Not in a Great job . Once you are in the hot -seat all you need to do is sell your self like a Sales – Man .

As marketers and Brand Evangelists , we Explain about stuff we build and how it helps for the company solving some big problem which company is currently facing , In the same way you need to sell your self  like a sales man to the sphere head seated in front you . Where selling all happens with personal branding yourself  Explaining what makes you stand out  1 on 100 people around him with only the skill set which is required for the Job you applied but not with any Irrelevant projects and experiences with are not related to the job.

1. Be a story Teller –  just as it for brands , story telling is also important for Personal branding, Tell the interviewer your personal story include some Best moments in life which inspired you to  choose a particular department in UG/PG ,with some spice with Appreciations from Top  Notches.

“Remember best CEO’ s  in the world are the greatest story tellers “.

2.  Be Practical –  Use Examples to showcase your story  then just saying I’m good at Xyz with Abc skill set

eg – if you want to show case your collaborative ” Explain him how you managed a couple of people, and led the team to successfully complete the task in a given time lapse  .

3.Know your Domain – Know your domain first which matches your skill set and interest

Never apply for an role  which is away from your skill set

4.Look for Brand Matches – Know your personal Brand when applying for a company

Where can i see my self in next 2 years if i work for this company ?

Does the role and company sync with my beliefs and attitude ?

What are they Expecting from me as an Employer ?

whats the main reason to Kick-start my Career with this Specified  Company ?

5. Research Research Research -well , it all matters is how much you know  about the company in which you are trying hard to land a job . Research on company profile , Stocks , profits , Acquisitions, branches , Domains , Recent updates …etc

6. Impress the hiring manger – work on some quick ways by which you can impress .

-> Give a plan what you are going to do , in first six months .

-> Try to find Negatives in the company

->  Give your opinions  how you can solve some Biggest challenges company is facing

-> Discuss the strategies which rival companies  are following .

The world doesn’t end if  you don’t land up with a good job from your First Interview because something big is coming up .

” Think if you do something and it turns out pretty bad, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

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